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Handy Backup 3.9 Help : How To Operate With Data

Synchronize Data : Scheduling

You can set Handy Backup to perform operations (backup, restore, synchronization) at any date and time.

Enable Scheduler:

Enables scheduling when checked. If an item is not scheduled, you still can execute it manually at any convenient time. To do this, select an item in the Items View and click "Execute" button in the program toolbar. Also, you can perform required operation either through the Actions menu or through the right-click menu in the Items View.

Note: The program will perform scheduled operations only when the Handy Backup agent is running. If there is a need to periodically switch off your computer, use "Run missed schedules" option.

Start: Define date and time when to start operation.

Repeat: Set a time period to repeat operation:

  • Every day: The program will perform operation with your item every day at the specified time.
  • On week days: Select one or several weekdays.
      Monday - - Sunday: Click the checkbox to set automatic operation on a selected day.
  • On month days: Select days within a month.
      1 - - 31: Click the checkbox to set automatic operation on a selected day.
  • Custom period: Execute item at a regular interval.

Run missed schedules: Use this option if you switch off your computer and can miss a scheduled backup. If this option is checked, the program will detect all missed (scheduled but not executed on time) items and execute them as soon as it can.

Run on logon (item will be executed upon logging on): Check if you wish to run this item on logon.

Run on logoff (item will be executed upon logging off): Check if you wish to run this item on logoff.

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