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Full CD-R/CD-RW Support and Disk Spanning; Integrated ZIP compression; 128-bit encryption; Remote FTP backup

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What's new

We provide regular upgrades of our software for registered users of Handy Backup. All previous versions can be upgraded seamlessly with all previous data preserved on your system. We recommend that you uninstall the previous version of Handy Backup and install 4.0 after that. Your configuration settings will be automatically transferred across.

All registered users of Handy Backup 3.x can upgrade to version 4.0 free of charge.

Version 4.0, maintenance update November 23, 2005

  • Backup to ZIP 64 archive files;
  • MS Outlook 2003 compatibility;
  • ICQ 2003 compatibility;
  • Improved LAN authorization;
  • Optimized CD burning;
  • Optimized FTP handling.

Version 4.0, released August 29, 2003

  • Improved Outlook plugin to backup additional data;
  • Restore to a folder different from the original one;
  • Option to create password-protected ZIP archives;
  • Support for SMTP servers requiring authorization;
  • Ability to choose priority for the background backup process;
  • Option to wait N minutes after logon before processing backups;
  • Choice between more and less detailed log view;
  • Option to archive old log files;
  • Quick erase option when storing data on CD-RW disks;
  • Show storage type info in Items View;
  • CRC verification when writing on CD.

Version 3.9, released November 19, 2002

  • Special plugin to backup registry data (installed separately).
  • E-mail notification about operation results;
  • Improved timestamp settings;
  • Options to autorefresh the Files View;
  • Option to apply masks to folders;
  • Drag&Drop from Windows Explorer;
  • Speed selection for CD-RW burning;
  • Tray icon displays status of current operation;
  • Special icons to display items statuses in the Items View.

Version 3.7, released September 17, 2002

  • Special plugins to backup your Outlook and ICQ data (installed separately).
  • Option to erase CD before making a backup on it.
  • Improved security for FTP backups (MD4/MD5 passwords support).
  • Command line interface for professional users.
  • Import/export of all settings and registration status.
  • Windows XP compatible user interface and a number of visual improvements.
  • A number of bug fixes and optimizations including CD burning process.
  • Temp folder selection.
  • New synchronization options

Version 3.5, released May 29, 2002

Complete CD-RW support

  • No 3rd-party software is required to burn a CD copy of your valuable data.
  • Media Spanning - it will use as many discs as needed to hold the backup, asking you to insert new discs.

Now Handy Backup makes archiving to CD-R/W a breeze! No more overheads caused by using a third-party software. An option was added allowing you to span data across multiple disks.

Simplified and improved restore functionality

  • Option to restore individual files.
  • Option to select the location where to restore.
  • At restore, items properties are exported from the corresponding index file (backup.hbi) automatically.

Backup with timestamps

It enables you to easily archive different backup items by marking it with the current date, so you can keep several backup copies labeled with dates.

Version 3.0, released 24 January 2002

  • Improved user interface provides more intuitive access to all program features.
  • The program has been reworked to avoid communication problems between backup agent and the main program.
  • Uninstall option.
  • Backup of opened files.
  • Backup of different folders or files at a time.
  • Option to run item on shut down (restart, log off).
  • Simplified and improved file masks handling.
  • Option to remove old files on remote.
  • Work with session log has been optimized.
  • Now each backup item has its own activity log available in RTF format.
  • The FTP connection log has been added allowing the user to monitor connection to the remote FTP server.
  • The user can create New Folder at the remote FTP server.
  • Options to set any other program run before/after running your backup item.
  • Duplicate option has been added allowing the user to create multiple backup item copies for increased data security.
  • Now when the user selects an item in the main program window, the item is no more running to update its status, unless the user press "Refresh" button.

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