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Handy Backup Outlook plugin

Handy Backup 4.0 functionality can be extended with plugins that will help you backup specific data automatically. Special plugins are provided to work with Microsoft Outlook, system registry and ICQ data.

Outlook plugin allows you to quickly find and backup your important MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express files automatically. When you install it on your system it adds corresponding commands to the menu in the New Item Wizard. Click the "Add" button on the second page of the wizard and choose either "Microsoft Outlook files" or "Outlook Express Files".


Outlook plugin should be installed separately to a system where you previously installed Handy Backup 4.0. Installation procedure is very simple, just run the installation program and it will automatically find Handy Backup on your system and add the plugin to it. Click here to download trial version of Outlook plugin.


This plugin is provided with 30 days trial period. If you decide to keep it on your system after the trial, please, visit our Order page to buy and register your copy.

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