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Full CD-R/CD-RW Support and Disk Spanning; Integrated ZIP compression; 128-bit encryption; Remote FTP backup

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Handy Backup 3.9 Help : User Interface

Context Menus

There are three types of context menus in Handy Backup - one for each pane of the main program window.

Items View Context Menu

This context menu contains a number of options to work with your items.

New item...: Creates a new item.
Duplicate: Creates an identical copy or several copies of a given item. Such copies will appear in the Items View, their names will contain words and symbols "Copy #.. of..". For example, for item named "My documents" you can create "Copy #1 of My documents", "Copy #2 of My documents", etc.
Actions: Enables to perform operations with a selected item.

  • Backup: You can perform backup of the selected item.
  • Restore: You can perform restore of the selected item.
  • Synchronize: You can perform synchronization of the selected item.
Refresh: Refreshes the state of the selected item and the corresponding files and folders in the Files View.
Execute: : Executes the selected item (performing backup, restore or synchronization).
Stop: Stops the current operation with item.
Delete: Deletes the selected item.
Properties: Shows the Item Properties dialog box where you can view and modify the properties of the selected item.

Files View Context Menu

This context menu enables you to operate with files/folders included in your item.

Include Files: Includes files previously excluded from the given item.
Exclude Files: Excludes files previously included in the given item.

You can perform required operations (backup, restore, synchronization) with selected files through Files View context menu.

Colors..: Enables to customize font colors denoting different statuses of files.

Log View Context Menu

This context menu enables you to manage log messages and customize their colors.

Copy: Copies the contents of the Log View to the clipboard.
Save Log...: Enables to save a log entry to a file.
Clear log: Use to remove all log messages from the Log View.
Colors: Enables to customize font colors for different log messages.

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