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Full CD-R/CD-RW Support and Disk Spanning; Integrated ZIP compression; 128-bit encryption; Remote FTP backup

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to backup to my CDRW device, but this option is grayed out in the Wizard.
    If this option is disabled on your system, you may need to download ASPI drivers DLL from Adaptec, Inc.
    You can find detailed instruction here.

  • Can I perform backup of different files or folders at a time?
    Yes. You can backup as many files or folders as you need. For details, see Specify Backup Set section in program Help.

  • I set one of my Items to execute the incremental backup. But it often produces full backup, I would say repeatedly and I cannot understand how to avoid it.
    Please note that if you change something in the Item properties especially in the Backup Set, Handy Backup will do the full backup upon changes applied. For example, if you add of remove files to the backup list, next time the Item will be executed in the full backup mode.

  • I want to upgrade to the latest build of Handy Backup but it says another version is still running. I believe I did “Exit” before running the upgrade.
    Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete simultaneously, Windows Security tab appears; find the "Task Manager" button and press it. You will see a box with several tabs. Please find the Processes tab (the second one from the left).
    Find backup.exe and select it and press the “end process” button. If you also see hbagent.exe, end its process too.

  • What is the maximum amount of data for backups?
    There is no limitation on the size of the data being backed up.

  • Can I select the root drive and not copy all the files in the root drive, and selectively choose subdirectories?
    Yes, you can do this. If you do not want the program to backup certain files / folders, just uncheck them in the list of files / folders to be backed up (for details, see Specify Backup Set section in program Help).

  • Can I back up files on a remote machine which cannot be accessed by LAN?
    You can do this in case you have access to FTP server on the remote machine where you backed up your data.

  • Does the program back up to external hard disks connected via USB and to ZIP drives?
    Yes, the program supports backup to USB and ZIP drives and works with them in the same way as with any local drives.

  • I created backup of "My Documents" directory on one machine. How can I restore the directory to another machine using the program?
    In this case, you need to create Restore item on the machine where you want to restore your data. The next step is to specify the index file that is kept on the first machine from where you are restoring.

  • Can the program do a full restore to a blank hard drive?
    Yes, the program can do this. However, the program is not intended for backing up system files and you cannot use it for restoring the whole operation system.

  • Can I back up files to a remote machine which cannot be accessed by LAN?
    You can do this in case you have access to FTP server on the remote machine where you backed up your data.

  • Is it possible that Handy Backup will corrupt or delete my original files?
    No, Handy Backup never affects original files and folders.

  • If I install the trial 4.0 version over the 3.x version, is it necessary to delete the backup file that 3.x created, and start over to create a totally new backup?
    You do not need to do this: when you upgrade your version to the newer one, it will import all your old items.

  • If I will be in need of using the backup of files, for example, at the destination computer, can I use it without Handy Backup? In what format are they stored?
    The backed up files in the destination are stored in their original format, if you have chosen the “No compression” option, or they are zipped, if you have chosen ZIP compression (single or multiple files). Thus you can manage them in the same way as their originals. In order to open encrypted files, you should use Handy Backup 4.0.

  • Does the program require the Internet connection to be run?
    No. After you have registered your copy, you don't need the Internet access, unless you want to keep your data on a distant FTP-server.

  • Each time I try to start the program, a window appears stating "Unable to locate backup agent, application will close". What should I do in this case?
    The problem may result from incorrect installation of Handy Backup. We advise you to reinstall the program. For details on how to do this, see System Requirements and Installation section.

  • Does Handy Backup handle the different time stamp conventions between NTFS and FAT?
    You can use Handy Backup in this case - this difference does not influence backup procedure.

  • Does Handy Backup support tape drives?
    You can make backups to any logical drive under Local/LAN option if you are able to Copy/Paste files to this drive using Windos Explorer.

  • Can Handy Backup run as a service?
    Handy Backup 4.0 cannot be run as a service. This feature is implemented in Handy Backup Pro. For additional information please visit

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