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Full CD-R/CD-RW Support and Disk Spanning; Integrated ZIP compression; 128-bit encryption; Remote FTP backup

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Lockergnome Special Issue

Handy Backup v3.9 [1.53mb] W9x/2k/XP $30 {Free trial available}

{Data Saver} When it comes to files that need to be kept there's no better way to keep them than to make a backup, and boy do I have the solution for you. Handy Backup will take any file or folder and do exactly what the title suggests, make a handy backup. But that's not all folks, it comes with a plethora of nifty tools; think of this product as the Swiss-army knife of backups. It has Full CD-R/RW support and disk spanning, Integrated Zip Compression, a built in Scheduler, 128-bit Encryption, and it can even upload your backup via FTP. And all of this can be done through the Scheduler so you never have to make a mouse click! This program is definitely worth the $30 and it even has plugins available for an extra cost that will backup your Outlook, ICQ, and Registry files! [Sam]

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