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Full CD-R/CD-RW Support and Disk Spanning; Integrated ZIP compression; 128-bit encryption; Remote FTP backup

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Handy Backup 4.0 Help : Basics

What Is Handy Backup 4.0?

About Handy Backup 4.0

Handy Backup 4.0 is a powerful tool that protects your data from irreparable loss or damage. It will backup your files at any convenient time, restore files from a backup copy or synchronize them between different locations. These operations run in the background. You only need to setup the program once, and it will execute scheduled backups, restores and synchronizations at the time needed.

Handy Backup 4.0 works with files organized in items. You can set a number of parameters for an item: operation type (backup, restore or synchronize), source and destination locations of files and folders, special options (compression, encryption), scheduling, etc.

Handy Backup 4.0 operates under Windows 95/98/Me or Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP, and requires approximately 2MB of free disk space.

What's new in Handy Backup 3.9

  • Special plugins to backup your Outlook and ICQ data (installed separately);
  • Option to erase CD before making backup;
  • Improved security for FTP backups (MD4/MD5 password support);
  • Command line interface for professional users;
  • Import/export of all settings and registration status;
  • Windows XP compatible user interface and a number of visual improvements;
  • Temp folder selection;
  • New synchronization options;
  • A number of bug fixes and optimizations including CD burning process;
  • Option to execute all items through agent menu;
  • Inclusion/exclusion of files through Files View.

Main features

  • Support for different types of backup storage including FTP, removable media and all types of LANS;
  • Full CD-RW support with disk spanning enabling user to divide a large backup set into parts saved onto several disks;
  • Integrated ZIP compression;
  • 128 bit encryption support for stored data;
  • Flexible and powerful scheduler;
  • Activity log in RTF format for each backup item;
  • Multi-threaded transfer engine that executes backups in the background with minimum system resource consumption;
  • Backup of several folders or files at a time;
  • Option to run backup on log on/log off;
  • Flexible file selection and file masks handling;
  • A number of options to adjust backup/synchronize operations for any specific case;
  • Options to set any other program run before/after running a backup item.

Learn more about Handy Backup 4.0

  • To get more information about specific topics, browse Contents in Help menu.
  • Contact our Technical Support team with questions concerning Handy Backup usage:
  • For information on product updates, visit Handy Backup 4.0 web site:

License Agreement

Handy Backup 4.0 is copyrighted and licensed software, so please read carefully Handy Backup 4.0 License Agreement.

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